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Vlasina Inzenjering

Our location

Regional office: Novi Sad, Bulevar Gogoljeva 16.

Sales department

Contact sales department on:
+381 (0) 21 548911, +381 (0) 21 548922

Vlasina inzenjering

Building company "Vlasina Inzenjering" d.o.o. is a firm with  longstanding experience in construction business, now being engaged both  as an investor and constructor. We are approved at the market by quality of construction works. We were engaged in construction works on Gostoprimnica (quest reception) in the Kovilj Monastery.

  • Kovilj Monastery, Gostoprimnica in the background
  • View of Gostoprimnica
  • Worker on Gostoprimnica, domes of the Monastery seen in the background

Building company "Vlasina inzenjering" d.o.o. with its Head office in Vlasotince, Marka Oreskovića 77, Regional office in Novi Sad, Bulevar Gogoljeva 16.

Building material is provided from steady manufacturers while the construction  is performed  professionaly and under supervision of expert team of engineers. Therefore our motto is knowledge, safety, quality!